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Our Mission

MARiTECH Commercial, Inc. and her subsidiary companies and partners provide maritime consultancy services to maximize value and minimize lost time for clients.

We improve safety of vessels, ensure quality of cargo, and reduce delays and damages. As trusted partners and advisors, our experienced team delivers global coverage, high-touch services, and attention to detail to deliver successful outcomes.

Maritech is committed to creating long-term value through all of its actions. Sustainability and diversity are integral limbs of this organization. Our objective is to achieve a company that is resourceful and responsible of our environmental impact and the communities in which we service and represent.

Our History, Heritage, and Values

On the 31st of August 1968, I began my professional training with no knowledge of the ocean nor ever having seen the sea. I completed my training on the 7th of June 1970, and joined my first ship a few days later on the 10th of June. It was the beginning of a lifetime’s work, and a spiritual passion, which continues to carry me to this day.


My professional journey commenced in Mumbai, India, and onward to Plymouth, UK. A career in Maritime allowed me to see the world. From Cadet to Captain, I spent a total of 18 years, 4 months, and 6 days at sea. It was an inspirational and transformative part of my life, and provided the foundation for what MARiTECH is today.


I established MARiTECH in 1986 with one typewriter on a kitchen table in New Orleans. Over three and a half decades later, and through a great deal of hard work, focus, and persistence, we now operate in 80+ countries and 670+ ports worldwide. Every letter in MARiTECH besides one is capitalized in recognition that it is not solely “i” that is responsible for where this business is today. A great dream requires an amazing team, in which each member contributes to our strong professional relationships and displays our core values:

 Hard Work



 Understanding & Respect


 Diversity & Compassion

One formula that I have carried throughout my career is that success in life is proportional to HARD WORK x FOCUS/LEARNING x K, where K is the constant or variable of luck. I feel truly lucky, blessed, and incredibly proud of our talented team. Each of them carries the traditions on which the company was founded, and each enhances our reputation, capabilities, and collective knowledge. This diverse group takes us steadily to the next level every day, calm or storm.


It has been a wonderful journey continuously trying to improve our quality of work and impact. We look forward to serving you.


Capt. Chander & the MARiTECH Team

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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