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MARiTECH Commercial, Inc. offers a variety of surveys and Port Captaincy services worldwide. We are globally minded and locally rooted, allowing us to operate with deep connections throughout our diverse ecosystem.



MARiTECH's US and India locations are ISO certified. All MARiTECH offices include a dedicated and seasoned staff which consists of qualified former Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, and Experienced Surveyors. 

Our dedicated and seasoned staff consists of qualified former Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, and Experienced Surveyors.


Worldwide Port Captaincy

MARiTECH’s port captaincy services result in a vast number of benefits to our clients: faster turnaround, more accurate tally, improved safety, better cargo condition at loading and discharge, improved stowage plans, reduced stevedoring or handling costs, and many more. Our diverse expertise and extensive seafaring experience means we are uniquely placed to provide comprehensive vessel performance planning and supervision with on-board attendance in ports worldwide, regardless of commodity or vessel type.

Port Logistics and Fact Finding

We carefully and comprehensively analyze data from maritime incidents to develop more effective standards, safety strategies, and guidance for owners, operators, and seafarers. In the event that an incident leads to an investigation and various legal proceedings, our surveyors play a vital role in collecting evidence to support issue resolution in a timely manner. (And, at times we have even appeared for expert testimony). We determine the appropriate response to each incident, and employ preventative measures on domestic and commercial vessels to avoid similar events.

Hold Cleaning Requirements, Certificates, and General Guidance

MARiTECH understands the evolving standards and protocols of cargo cleanliness and condition. Thus, we know when the appropriate times to carry out more intensive inspections arise. We have the ability to utilize hi-reach equipment to inspect the uppermost sections of a cargo hold. Our team can also guide you on the best and most efficient option to enable a particular vessel to pass survey and load. Additionally, we have extensive experience in preparing ship’s holds for various types of dry cargo including grains, mineral sands, and alumina. Moreover, to assist ship’s crews in the preparation of their own holds, MARiTECH can also arrange for specialized hold cleaning equipment for hire per requirements.

Cargo Intake Calculation/Maximization Services

MARiTECH focuses on maximizing cargo load for our clients by ensuring that the available space is used efficiently. Thus, it is necessary for our team to calculate precise space specs, tonnage that can be loaded, and the limitations based on the specific type of cargo itself. Two examples for consideration are the ‘grain space’ and ‘bale space’. The internal volume of a vessel is measured in different ways for these spaces. Firstly, from shell plating to shell plating and from tank top to under deck is the grain space, which holds forms of bulk cargo similar to the consistency of grain, i.e. filling the total volume. Secondly, from the inner edges of the frames and from tank top to the lower edge of the beams is the bail space, where solid general cargo is stowed.

On-Off Hire and Condition Surveys

For many of the premium charterers around the world, MARiTECH is the first-choice surveying team. Whether on or off hire, our on board survey independently measures tank gauges of vessels, either before or after the vessel is chartered. The survey report further includes detailed descriptions of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas, structural condition, cargo space and machinery cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of the vessel’s statutory certificates, interviews with crew members, etc. Our global coverage provides services to over 75 clients worldwide resulting in over 10,000 of these surveys annually. Our highly-trained surveying team consists of ex-seafaring officers, who adhere to global standard operating procedures, and deliver a detailed and comprehensive picture for our clients.

Draft Surveys

MARiTECH performs draft surveys for shippers, receivers, ship owners, charterers and terminals. Our draft surveys are known to achieve high levels of accuracy to determine the weight and quantity of cargo loaded and/or discharged from a particular vessel. The draft surveys measure the distance between the waterline and baseline of a vessel. We meticulously convey all detailed data figures in our survey reports.

Grain Stability

MARiTECH’s ex-seafaring team carefully complies with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulation VI/9.1 requirements for cargo ships carrying grain. We ensure proper inspection of vessel documentation and authorization to load bulk grain. We also provide detailed heeling moment/ stability calculations to keep the cargo safe during voyage. Our experienced team carefully reviews ship and cargo calculations, including stowage/layout of the grain cargo. Further, we assist vessels by preparing National Cargo Bureau approved stability plans.

Heavy Lifts

Planning of loading, stowage, securing, discharging of Heavy Lifts project cargo consisting of large yachts, planes, entire factories, plants, boilers, transformers, generators, subsea equipment, oil rig supplies, windmill blades, towers, cranes, steel sections, and more. Our organization involves consulting with interested parties (shippers, stevedores, suppliers, local agent, and local authorities) on the proposed load and stow with regard to any special requirements for stability, lashing, and securing. Our services further include manufacturing stages and land transportation of cargo until it reaches it's final destination.

'221B' Bunker Detective

MARiTECH offers bunker surveys, inclusive of 221B detective surveys, on behalf of charterers in order to find concealed bunker fuel aboard. To prevent fuel loss, our bunker detective inspections provide impartial and independent quantity measurements of fuel, and issue extremely detailed bunker reports to confirm fuel deliveries and shortages.

Bunker Stem/Quantity Surveys

MARiTECH offers independent quantity measurement services for maritime oil bunkers. We provide detailed documentation for each survey to support any claims or disputes; and, we carry out pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker tanker and the receiving vessel. With the escalating value of bunker oil pricing, we can ensure that the quantity of fuel paid for is delivered to the vessel. This survey is becoming increasingly necessary. MARiTECH’s bunker quantity survey provides in depth details our clients need to make sure the quantities mentioned on the bunker delivery notes are accurate.

Fuel Quality/Sampling

With the revised 2020 International Maritime Organization regulations on sulfur content in fuel, it is important to ensure the strict quality of the bunker fuel. Analyzing fuel quality at the time of bunkering and calculating its density is simply good bunkering practice. Engine damage and loss of time caused by poor, blended fuel occurs frequently. To prevent this, MARiTECH provides the fuel sampling service to assure clients of the required specifications ahead of voyage. We give you precise details of fuel viscosity, density, water content, calculated carbon aromaticity index, compatibility, pour point, salt, and more.

Cargo Claims, Damage, and P&I Surveys

Through our global network of technical specialists, we are able to promptly organize the right people in the right place and time to support any claim. MARiTECH regularly investigates and adjusts liability claims across a full range of insured marine risks. Our cargo and logistics experts work diligently to mitigate loss, carefully investigate the root cause, and find the responsible party. Additionally, our damage surveys determine the origin of the damage, outline the causes and extent of the damage, and provide calculation of costs and subsequent repairs. Finally, protection and indemnity liability surveys are carried out for owners and operators (and occasional third-parties) regarding damage caused during transit as well as environmental damage.

Full Outturn Surveys

MARiTECH conducts cargo inspections at ports of discharge in order to verify it is within the scope of a sales contract. This survey is often carried out on break-bulk steel cargo and often requires Silver Nitrate testing for chloride residues (in order to establish the prospect of salt water contamination). Additionally, MARiTECH oversees cargo discharge and delivery, including working with Claim Control Services. Further, we offer off-loading surveys from viewable sea containers to certify cargo condition during the unloading, and to certify that the cargo matches the import documents.

Pre-Shipment Surveys

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is another type of quality control inspection MARiTECH conducts, confirming the condition of goods before voyage. The PSI ensures the buyer’s purchase specifications, and is carried out based on standard Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL) for each product (or simply based on the customer’s stated requirements). Samples are selected and thoroughly inspected, and then reported back to clients before shipping. PSI services help our clients understand the products’ quality and quantity beforehand, and significantly reduce the potential risk of any reordering delays and costs.

Vetting Inspection

MARiTECH has significant experience in vetting inspections, offering accredited inspectors at ports worldwide. MARiTECH assesses the technical suitability of a proposed vessel to be contracted, confirming they are in line with maritime safety criteria; thus, mitigating risks (pollution, fires, accidents, etc.) by ensuring that the carrier meets all quality and performance standards.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

When time is of the essence, MARiTECH can perform pre-purchase inspections quickly worldwide. In such cases, a ‘Superficial’ Condition survey evaluates the condition of a ship at a moment’s notice. This survey follows the International Institute of Maritime Surveyors guidelines and basically allows clients to form their own perspective of a vessel’s condition based on data points, copies of official documents, photographs, and more. Further, by request, specific ballast and cargo tanks can be included in the survey for a more thorough inspection and maintenance evaluation.

Collision and Grounding Inspections

In the disastrous event of a ship’s collision or grounding incident, standard maritime protocol is observed and an authorized maritime surveyor will provide a thorough investigation into the root cause of the incident. At MARiTECH, go further by deploying the latest underwater drones to assess the extent of the damage to the submerged areas of the vessel. Additionally, we coordinate with experienced commercial divers in order to provide expert guidance on what is salvageable, as well as estimates for repairs.

Underwater Drone Diving Inspections

At MARiTECH we specialise in underwater drone inspections for a range of maritime applications. Our underwater drones are comparably faster and more cost-effective than to commercial diver inspections. We have the latest technology in underwater equipment; therefore, we are able to provide high quality footage for complex surveys. Our drones are used in depths beyond most divers' capabilities; and, they safely and reliably deliver the information needed for our clients.

Inventory of Hazardous Materials

MARiTECH surveyors, in collaboration with our HazMat Experts, have been fully trained to survey clients’ vessels according to the Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) Code. We can provide details of asbestos or any other hazardous material aboard all types of vessels, and maintain compliance with international and local regulations or guidelines. Preparing an IHM list requires advanced planning. (And, as of 31 December 2020, all vessels above 500 GT flying an EU flag, and non-EU flagged vessels calling at an EU or EEA member state port or anchorage must comply with the IHM code.) After our HazMat expert compiles the corresponding IHM list, our attending surveyor will then verify that list and issue a statement of compliance to the vessel.

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